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Moving Boxes

Packing is a vital part of moving all of the various items that you own from one location to another safely. Whilst some items can be packed relatively easily and with little risk of damage, others do require specialist care and custom cartons - particularly so if you are moving from Tasmania or to Tasmania from the mainland.

Price's Removals & Storage use purpose built packing boxes. This allows us to ensure your goods arrive safely, as well as making effective use of the space available during a move.

If you wish, we can pack for you at a very reasonable cost. If you prefer to pack yourself, you can use our moving boxes. Here is a guide for you as to the size and space that may be required.


China and Glass: 1x Standard carton holds approx. 1x single shelf of a kitchen cupboard.

Linen: 1x Standard carton holds approximately 1x linen cupboard shelf.

Size: 435mm x 410mm x 600mm


Books: 1x Book carton holds approximately 1 metre of shelf space.

Size: 400mmx 320mm x 335mm


Picture: Suitable for 2 average pictures / prints

Size: 1040mm x 775mm x 75 mm


For packing clothes flat the same as from a chest of drawers.

910mm x 500mm x 305mm


1 Port-a-robe (hanging/wardrobe) carton holds approximately .

0.66cm of hanging space or 2 large suitcases.

Size: 600mm x 475mm x 1110mm


Stereo carton

Size: 650mm x 420mm x 620mm


Lamp shade carton

Size: 600mm x 600mm x 525mm


Holds 12 standard bottles of wine.

Size: 400mm x 320mm x 33.5mm