When you're moving house, you have numerous decisions to make from the location of your next home to the date of your moving day. One of the most important choices you must make is which professional services to use during the process.

You may already know you need the help of movers, but what about packers? In this blog, we list four advantages that hiring a professional packing service can provide during your upcoming move.

1. Better Packaging Materials

Many homeowners who decide to pack up all their own belongings end up doing so using an odd mix of boxes, paper and assorted other containers that they found.

While some of these packing materials will work fine, others may put your possessions at risk of damage. And you may not know which packing materials work best until after something breaks.

When you have a professional packing team handle some or all of your packing, you know that all of the materials used were chosen specifically for your project. For example, some packers create custom cartons for particularly delicate items like LCD televisions and computer monitors to ensure the items' safety in transit.

2. Decreased Personal Time Investment

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of hiring packers is that you don't have to set aside the time to handle packing on your own. This benefit can be more than just convenient. Giving the responsibility for packing away means that you have more time to focus on the rest of the process or on your everyday life.

The time you save could be critical, especially if you have to work right up until your moving day, plan to move during the holidays or have a tight move schedule.

Even if you could take the time to pack, letting professionals handle the process means that the packing itself takes less time. You can use the time you save to be with your family, hunt for your dream home or handle more important moving logistics.

3. Detailed Packing Processes

In addition to the packing materials that a professional packing team brings along, these workers also bring training and experience in packing techniques. Packers can easily disassemble large furnishings to make the pieces easier to carry and less likely to be damaged.

Additionally, professional packers have the equipment and knowledge to ensure that your most vulnerable items are packed properly. You may prefer a professional touch especially if you have numerous fragile, valuable or keepsake items to pack, such as dishware, artwork or family heirlooms.

4. Improved Organisation

Organising all of your possessions can seem like a daunting prospect, especially because you will most likely do your packing in stages since you must live at home while you prepare to move.

When you have professional packers box up your belongings, however, the team can organise as they go. Not only will the boxes be packed in a logical manner, but each of the boxes will have clear, consistent labeling as well.

This organisational system can make it easier to find particular objects when you arrive in your new home. This ease of finding objects reduces the risk of item loss and ensures rapid item recovery if anything is misplaced during the move. Additionally, adequate organisation can simplify the unpacking process.

As you prepare to move house, consider hiring a professional packing service to take advantage of the benefits listed above.

Still not sure if you need packing services? Discuss your situation with the team at Price's Removals & Storage. We offer both full and partial packing options to ensure that you get exactly the right amount of help.