Moving house can be a lot of hard work, and unfortunately, all that heavy lifting can sometimes lead to back aches and strains. To avoid pain and have a hassle-free move, you need to keep the health of your back and spine in mind. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Always Lift With Your Legs

As you've no doubt heard dozens of times, it's critical to lift with your legs and not your back. When approaching a heavy load, lower yourself into a squatting position, grab the load with outstretched arms and stand up while keeping your back straight.

In particular, when lifting moving boxes, position one foot behind the box and the other foot next to the opposite corner of the box, near its side. That posture gives you stability with your squat, but it also keeps the box close to your body which can be helpful when trying to avoid back injuries.

2. Use Lifting Aids

Ideally, you shouldn’t carry all the boxes yourself. Instead, employ some lifting aids to take the pressure off your body. There are hand trucks and carts for boxes, but you can also get special hand trucks designed for appliances—they can be essential for moving heavy washing machines, dishwashers, or even fridges.

You may also want to consider a shoulder dolly lifting system. Designed for use with two people, this type of system consists of a set of straps that go over your shoulders and the shoulders of another person. Then, the load you are carrying rests on the straps between you. This method transfers the weight to your shoulders and legs rather than your back, making the load feel lighter.

3. Work Slowly and Steadily

Putting in a lot of effort in a condensed period of time can be hard on your body. If you've had an injury in the past, your doctor may even caution you against intense activity. To make moving house easier on your body, spread the process out over a longer period of time.

Rather than devoting a weekend to packing, for example, pack for an hour a day for a month. Similarly, if you hire a removals truck, lengthen the hire period so you can take longer to load or unload the truck.

4. Consider Boarding Pets and Finding Care for Small Children

It's not just lifting that can hurt your back. Tripping and falling can also lead to pain. To minimise the risks of falls on moving day, make sure that you have a clear path from the house to the moving truck. Move doormats or other potential obstacles out of the way.

Also, children and pets can get underfoot and cause you to fall. So you can focus on the job at hand, you may want to arrange alternative care for your pets and children the day of the move. Even just having a point person to focus on pets and children whilst everyone else moves boxes can be helpful.

5. Consider Marquees for Rainy Days

If rain is anticipated for your moving day, you may want to reschedule the move for another day, and if that's not possible, you may want to hire a small marquee. Look for a marquee that can run from your door to the opening of the removals truck. In lieu of a rain cover, consider using rubber slip-resistant mats along that path.

Of course, the best way to avoid back injuries is to let the pros handle the heavy lifting. At Price's Removals, we offer packing, moving, storage and other services. Get a quote on our site today to see how we can make your move easier.