Moving house is always a significant endeavour, whether you end up down the street or in another country code. The challenges you face during your relocation may depend on the size of your household, the distance you move and the choices you make. For example, the choice to work with a professional removalist simplifies any moving project.

However, certain moving related challenges are virtually universal. One of the most common issues that homeowners face during a relocation is the risk of inadvertently leaving something behind. In this blog, we list eight commonly forgotten items and make suggestions to prevent losing these items.

1. Animals

It may surprise you to know that many homeowners accidentally leave their pets, from chickens to dogs, behind when they move. This unintentional abandonment can happen when the adults in the household assume that someone else has collected the pet.

Many removal specialists can arrange relocation for your pet or boarding, if required. With their help, you can ensure that your cat, canine or cockatiel makes it safely to your new home.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Because you may keep cleaning supplies in closets and cupboards, you may not see them as you do one last visual inspection of your home. Schedule a deep clean of your home before your relocation. Once you finish cleaning, pack or dispose of your supplies to ensure none get left behind.

3. Dry Cleaning

Whenever you send anything out for cleaning or repairs around the time of a move, you run the risk of forgetting about the item. A week before your move, go through your open tickets for dry cleaning, small repairs and other tasks to ensure you handle all pickups before you go.

4. Electronic Accessories

It can be difficult to determine the best time to pack items that you will need right up until you leave your home. Many homeowners accidentally leave mobile phone chargers, headphones and even electronic devices behind. Have every family member pack these items in a specific spot, like a clothing pocket, and check for them before you drive off.

5. Plates and Cutlery

As you prepare to move, you may eat more take away and use your dishes less. While this choice can decrease your clean up, less cooking also means you may think less about your plates and bowls. Always check your kitchen drawers and cupboards thoroughly when packing.

6. Food

Whether you have a picnic planned for your drive or just some pantry staples, the food in your house is likely to be left behind during a relocation for the same reason as your flatware. If you've been eating out more often or keeping your food out of sight, be sure to double check your food storage before you leave.

7. Keys

As important as keys are, your fob may be the first thing to go missing when you move away. Like your electronic accessories, you will have to continue using your keys right up until moving day, which can mean that your key ring ends up somewhere you don't expect. If possible, consolidate all your keys onto a single ring for the moving process.

8. Mail and Packages

Even if you remember to set up a forwarding address, you may be so busy that you forget to check your box in the days leading up to your relocation. Unfortunately, leaving mail behind can mean going without important items or paperwork. In some cases, abandoned mail could even endanger your identity.

Work with your local post service to ensure your mail is forwarded properly and don't forget to check the box one last time as you leave the property.

As you approach your upcoming relocation, keep these commonly lost items in mind to ensure that you arrive at your new home with everything you need to easily adjust to life in your new hometown.

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