Any move is stressful, but your upcoming move may seem more taxing when you have to cross an ocean to get to your new home. Let your movers take care of your belongings - then all you need to worry about is the flight. Here are eight tips to make that flight less stressful.

1. Pack Less

The less you pack, the less you can lose, whether it's a checked suitcase that got lost somewhere along the way or a bag that was forgotten at the gate. Bring only what you need and try to pack it in one bag. Have the moving company take care of the rest of your belongings so you don't even have to think about them during the flight.

2. Dress for Comfort

The airport is not the place to make a fashion statement. When you go through security, you have to take off your belt, your shoes and any jewellery. Choose slip-on shoes instead of lace-ups to make the process easier and faster. Bring a jacket just in case the plane feels colder than you expect. Remember to dress for both the location where you're departing from and your final destination.

3. Bring Plenty of Entertainment

Overseas flights can last a long time. While a nap may take up a couple of the hours, you may still have another few hours to fill on the plane. Fill your tablet with games and movies to entertain you, or bring along a good book.

4. Double-Check You have the Essentials

While you can easily replace items like a toothbrush or a phone charger at your destination if needed, other items may prove more difficult to replace. Before leaving, double-check that you have your passport, your glasses or contacts, your phone, your laptop and other essential items that aren't replaceable. Make sure you have your itinerary and the mover's contact information as well.

5. Bring Snacks and Water

While some flights still offer free peanuts or similar snacks on an overseas flight, you'll probably want something a little more filling. Bring plenty of snacks, but don't eat too much. Especially if you get nervous jitters. A too-full stomach combined with nerves doesn't make for a pleasant experience.

After you go through security, make sure you buy or fill a water bottle as well. The air in a plane is extremely dry and you can get dehydrated easily. Avoid alcohol as it makes dehydration worse.

6. Know How to Fight Jet Lag

Combating jet lag requires some experience to perfect, but even first-timers use some simple tricks. If you're traveling west on a morning flight, sleep as little as possible the night before, then sleep on the plane. If you're traveling east in the evening, sleep a little the night before and then stay up until your bedtime in the new time zone.

These practices, of course, will differ according to departure and arrival times. Whatever you do, however, don't take a quick nap after traveling. You'll only wake up groggier and unhappier than when you fell asleep.

7. Exercise the Day Before

Get more exercise than usual the day before your flight. Your exercise may consist of cleaning your old house or a full day of packing, but it should be a considerable amount compared to what you're used to. This additional exercise will help you sleep more easily on the plane and release chemicals into your body that reduce stress.

8. Get Sun and Fresh Air After Arriving

When you finally arrive at your new home, spend some time outside. Revel in the fresh air and sunlight. Maybe explore the city a little bit to get some exercise. This step helps your body restart after sitting in a cramped plane for hours.

Also remember to figure out arrangements with your removalist company beforehand for the retrieving and unpacking of your belongings when you arrive.