Of course, beauty is subjective — but few would dispute that Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Forty-two percent of the island is protected land, and its bright, clear water, lush greenery and vivid landscapes are incomparable. If you and your family are moving to the island for the first time, you'll be awed by the natural splendour of your new home.

Stunning as it is, Tasmania does present some unique logistical challenges for movers which you would not encounter in mainland Australia. They're no great obstacle, but being prepared for them will certainly assist you as you plan to settle in. Here are some recommendations for you to consider.

Use a Local Moving Company

You may think that moving is the same across the entire country, and that's partly true. Boxes are boxes no matter where you are.

However, Tasmanian movers do have one key advantage over nationwide or mainland companies. They are familiar with the difficult logistics of shipping your belongings across the Bass Strait.

Not only does this trip require an understanding of established shipping routes and suppliers, but it also requires familiarity with crossing schedules. The crossing is a long one — ferries take between nine and eleven hours.

As such, if your movers choose a peak-time crossing with the first supplier they find, things can get expensive very quickly. By contrast, local moving companies navigate these issues all the time and are more than capable of timing the crossing so that it's hassle-free and fairly priced.

Get Help with House-Hunting

Ideally, you'll want to visit your house-to-be in person at least once before you move. On top of that, you may wish to have it inspected and checked by experts before you make a purchase.

However, flying between Tasmania and the mainland repeatedly is expensive and time-consuming. As such, you may find it helpful to engage the services of a local estate agent to take care of some of the practical duties for you.

Of course, nobody can make a decision on whether a property is right for you, and you may find it useful to travel over in person once anyway, but these services could be a real stress-saver in the difficult moving process.

Prepare to Drive in Advance

If you hold a driving license and wish to continue driving in Tasmania, you'll need to take care of a number of things.

First and foremost, you will need to apply for a Tasmanian license within three months of arriving in the state. Before that, your existing license will suffice — provided it is not expired or suspended.

You will need to follow a similar process if you are bringing a vehicle with you. Within three months of arrival, your vehicle will need to pass an official safety inspection. After this, you may re-register it. To do so, you should provide the old registration plates and show your driver's license.

This tip assumes that you are an average driver; those with commercial or heavy-duty vehicles will have different requirements. Whatever the requirements, you should familiarise yourself with them before you arrive in the state and prepare to work through them.

In truth, moving to Tasmania is no more complex than moving to any other state — barring a few hurdles, which can be easily overcome with forward planning. A move will always be at least a little stressful, but it will all be worth it in the end.

If you need help with any aspect of moving your belongings or have any questions about that process, please do contact Price’s Removals & Storage. We look forward to assisting you!