It doesn’t matter whether you're moving down the street, to another state or another country — moving house can seem a daunting task. There are plenty of ways you can ease the stress of moving, and one of those ways is by embracing modern technology.

For example, there are different apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet to help with the moving preparation. This blog offers advice about which apps are the most effective when moving house.

Recording Box Contents

A move involves many boxes. On your first night in your new home, you want to access the most important boxes first. These boxes contain bed linens, tea bags, and the cherished toy your child will not sleep without. No parent needs an upset child at the end of a long moving day.

A paper list is one way to keep track of the number of boxes you have and the contents of each. However, an app is a modern way to do this task. Not only can you keep an electronic list of the contents but you can also take photos of each box as you fill it. This method removes the risk of lost records and is the most efficient way to find specific things you need.

Moving Van on iTunes is a great app that lets you keep track of your boxes. 

To-Do Lists

In the weeks leading up to your move, there are specific tasks to be done. From organising the final electricity reading to cancelling the paper, your to-do checklist is a long one. Price's Removal & Storage offers a valuable checklist, and their suggestions can be easily incorporated into an electronic app.

A to-do list app already has the major tasks listed in it. You can delete ones not relevant to your situation and add those that are. The benefit of having these tasks in an electronic form is that you can also include reminders. These reminders reduce your chance of completely overlooking anything.

Look for Moving Planner on Google Play to see how easy a to-do list can be.

Final House Clean

One of the least favourite tasks when moving is cleaning your old home. Both rental houses and owned homes need a deep clean so the property is ready for its next occupant.

A house cleaning app can help you break down this big chore into manageable chunks. Many apps come with a full list of cleaning tasks you can alter to suit your home. You can then choose to complete the checklist by room or by day of the week. Again, this app ensures you don't overlook any essential cleaning component.

Don't forget your gardens or yards when you tidy up your property. No one wants to move into a home with a neglected, overgrown landscape. You can add this chore to your cleaning list, and you can even ask your kids to head outside and help pull up some milk thistle and dandelions.

House Clean on Google Play and Unfilth Your Habitat on iTunes are both easy apps to use.

Moving Day Entertainment

Finally, consider your needs on moving day by adding an app or two just for you. Whether flying or driving, you will have some downtime to kill after loading the moving truck. A new game, crossword puzzle or online jigsaw puzzle helps keep the mind distracted. Alternatively, add a couple of age-appropriate apps to keep your kids amused since their toys are in boxes.

The days leading up to your move are stressful and busy, but apps can ensure you don't overlook anything important before this day arrives. Armed with this information, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the apps to make your move a much easier one.