There’s no shortage of great places to live in the world. But it’s true that some corners of the globe stand out more than others. Take New Zealand, for instance. That’s a country that is enduringly popular with people who want to say goodbye to their old life and throw themselves into something exciting. And is it any wonder why? If you’ve ever visited New Zealand, then you’ll know for yourself that there’s something extremely enchanting about the place!

If you’re mulling over whether to move to New Zealand in the near future, then take a read below, where we’ll outline some of the best reasons to move to NZ. By the time you’ve finished reading the blog, you might just have booked a one-way ticket towards your new life!

The Landscapes

Is there anywhere on earth that can compete with New Zealand when it comes to the natural scenery? There are beautiful spots all over the world, but New Zealand seems to come out on top. For a relatively small country, it is astonishingly full of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring views. And what is so captivating about the landscapes is that they’re so diverse. There are glaciers. There are volcanoes. There are beautiful beaches. Whatever type of landscape you’re looking for, you’ll find that New Zealand has you covered. It’s like living in a sensationally beautiful version of the world, and you still have wifi. It’s the best of both worlds.

Outdoor Activities

And people don’t just sit around and admire the country’s landscapes from afar. While it can be pleasant to sit back and just enjoy the view, you also have the option of getting into the outdoors and enjoying it to the fullest. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities that you can sink your teeth into when you live in New Zealand. You could strap on your hiking boots and go for a long trek or invest in a mountain bike and explore the country on two wheels. And then there are the activities that are slightly more adrenaline-inducing, such as skiing and rafting. These activities aren’t just available; they’re part of the lifestyle. You’ll find plenty of people willing to go and have fun in the outdoors with you! 

Job Opportunities 

It’s not all about the outdoors in New Zealand, of course. You have to fund that awesome lifestyle somehow! Some people avoid moving to NZ because they fear being without work. That’s a good thing to show concern about, but when it comes to New Zealand, it’s not merited! There are plenty of job opportunities to be found in the country. Indeed, if you’ve already got some professional experience and qualifications, then you might find that you’re able to find a job quicker than anticipated. The demand is growing year on year! And it’s not just job opportunities that are on offer in New Zealand. The country is known for its job security, opportunities for progression, and -- this is a big one -- being one of the best countries in the world for work-life balance. 

Culture Galore

It’ll come as no surprise that New Zealand has a rich culture! After all, some of the most memorable festivals in the world take place there. When you attend the Maori Kai food festival or the Tremains Art Deco Festival, you’ll know what we mean. The diversity of the nation also means that many global festivals, such as Chinese New Year, are celebrated widely here. They’re the big events, but you’ll find that elements of the Kiwi and indigenous culture are woven into everyday life. Artwork, folk tales, the’s there for all to see.

A Relaxed Lifestyle

We saved the biggest reason for last. The New Zealand lifestyle is awesome! Did you know that it was voted the world’s best place to live for four years in a row? You don’t have that level of dominance unless you’re doing something right. When you’re there, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. People are friendly. The communities seem interwoven with the surrounding nature, not disconnected from it. Plus, it’s just laid back and relaxed -- when life can be this good, it’s hard not to be pretty chill about everything!


So there we have it. That’s just a sample of some of the many reasons why people rarely regret moving to New Zealand. If you’re a nature-lover than loves mixing with other people and having a good time, then there’s likely nowhere on earth that would be better suited for you!