Move from Brisbane to Tasmania

Covering a distance of more than 2,100 kilometres, a move from Brisbane to Tasmania requires a significant amount of planning. When driving to your destination will take around 30 hours, you certainly want to ensure you’ve packed everything you could need or want. 

As well as being an interstate move, relocating to Tasmania from Brisbane means your journey will involve crossing water too. With ferry times and sailing conditions to consider, transporting your goods from one location to another can be a logistical challenge. 

With help from Prices Removals & Storage, however, you can enjoy a stress-free move from Brisbane to Tasmania. What’s more, our low cost, door to door backend service means you can enjoy cost-effective rates and affordable interstate removals. 

Perfect Preparation and Packing

When you’re moving house, it isn’t just a long journey that can take a toll on you. Preparing your belongings, packing them up and storing the boxes until you’re ready to leave, can amount to weeks of work. Of course, deciding when to pack your essentials can be tricky in itself. If you leave it too late, you’ll be at risk of giving yourself more last-minute work to do but, if you pack them too early, you won’t have everything you need as you spend the last few weeks enjoying your home. 

At Prices Removals & Storage, we understand the importance of perfect preparation and packing before a big move. As well as transporting your items from your existing residence to your new home, we can take care of packing your items into custom packaging boxes too. From household goods to prized possessions, we’ll find the perfect transportation solutions for your goods and ensure they get from A to B in perfect condition. 

Storing Your Goods Prior to Transit

If you’re planning to move from Brisbane to Tasmania, you’ll probably spend weeks or months preparing to leave your home for the last time. To give you more space as your preparation gets underway, it can be beneficial to put some of your items into storage. Furniture, in particular, takes up a large amount of space and can be difficult to move on your own.

When you incorporate our furniture storage services into your removal package, we’ll take care of moving, transporting and storing your items for as long as you need us to. In addition to this, we’ll put our experience and expertise to good use when it comes to finding the right storage environment for your items. Storing furniture requires careful consideration, as the wrong temperature or environment could cause irrevocable damage. By choosing a specialist furniture storage provider like us, however, you can ensure your belongings will be kept in an appropriate and secure environment at all times. 

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