Move from Melbourne to Tasmania

Moving from one location to another can be tricky unless you have the right support around you. When you move to Melbourne to Tasmania, you’ll have the added logistical challenge of crossing water to add to your list of considerations. 

While most people choose to fly to Tasmania when they’re coming from Melbourne and the surrounding areas, this simply isn’t possible if you’re intent of transporting your own household goods and possessions. Fortunately, there is another option. 

At Prices Removals & Storage, we make it easier than ever to plan and execute your relocation. Whether you’re travelling solo, moving with family members or bringing pets with you, we’ll make the entire process simple and straightforward. 

Safe, Secure and Seamless Removals

With a relaxed atmosphere, natural environment and stunning landscapes, it’s not surprising so many people are eager to move to the island of Tasmania. Situated 150 miles from the mainland, relocating from Melbourne to Tasmania means you – and your belongings – will need to cross the Bass Strait. 

While a ferry journey across the Strait can be a fantastic way to arrive on Tasmania, the hassle of trying to manage your own belongings can take away from the excitement. What’s more, the logistics of loading and unloading your goods means your overall journey time will be considerably increased. 

With our team on hand, however, you can enjoy a relaxed crossing or hop on a plane and touch down just an hour and a half later, ready to explore your new neighbourhood. We’ll take care of moving your belongings safely and securely, using over 65 years of expertise to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition. 

Low Cost Door to Door Backend Removals

If you’re planning to relocate and you’re eager to move from Melbourne to Tasmania, you’ll want to keep costs down as much as possible. Chartering a removal van to make a two-way trip can be unnecessarily costly but why pay more than you need to? 

At Prices Removals & Storage, we offer door to door backend removal services to facilitate your needs. Giving you the option of reducing the cost of removals and allowing you to take advantage of our removal experts delivering in your area, we’ll head straight to your door to collect your boxes before we head back to Tasmania with everything on board. 

Comprehensive Insurance for Peace of Mind

Whether we’re helping you to move locally, regionally or nationally, we remain committed to providing a high-quality service. While it’s extremely rare for anything to go wrong en route, it’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality. That’s why we offer affordable, cost-effective insurance options to every customer. With a reputation as good as ours, we can secure exceptional rates and comprehensive cover, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that your belongings are in safe hands. 

To find out more or to discuss your move from Melbourne to Tasmania in more detail, contact Prices Removals & Storage now on 1800 753 418.