Office Relocation Checklist


Check Your Destination Floor Plan

  • Will all your existing office resources fit your new office floor plan?
  • Plan a place for everything to go.

Plan Your Pre-Packing

  • What needs to be packed?
  • What will your staff be responsible for?
  • What can Price's Removals & Storage do to assist?
  • What will require packing by experts?
  • Is there any sequential packing required for records, archives or libraries?

Colour Coded Labelling of Items to be Moved

  • Match items to your destination floor plan.
  • Furniture.
  • Computers and office equipment.
  • Packing cartons and security crates.

Parking Facilities

  • Are there any height restrictions?
  • Are there loading docks that can be used?
  • Do we need police approval for street parking?

Access at Uplift and Destination

  • Are all doorways wide enough?
  • Are the lifts big enough?
  • Are there any acute angles in corridors?
  • Are there any extremely heavy items, such as a safe to move?
  • Are there any extremely large items, such as compactus to move?
  • What Lifts are available?
  • How many lifts are available?
  • Are they available exclusively to you during your move?
  • Who is responsible for booking them?

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