Packing Guide

Price's Removals & Storage are expert at packing safely and securely for your move. This is particularly important if you are moving to Tasmania from mainland Australia - or from Tasmania to mainland Australia. We create specialised packaging to protect special items such as:

  • Large plasma or LCD TV’s and entertainment centres
  • Special furniture such as antiques
  • Special dinner sets
  • Irreplaceable valuables such as photos, pictures and more

You can choose to let us pack all or part of your home in preparation for your move, or if you wish you can pack your goods yourself.

Price's Removals & Storage can provide cartons, porta-robes, moving boxes and any special packing materials you may require for your move.

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Packing Hints for clients who pack their own goods

  • Cartons designed for household removals are designed to be much more robust than other cartons. Supermarket cartons are designed to transport sturdy items, such as cans of food, once only and then be recycled
  • Each carton will be more robust by setting up the carton by tipping upside down and folding flaps in left and right, left and right, then taping the bottom of carton securely. Do not cross them
  • Once the carton is full, ensure cartons are firm at the top, fold flaps in same manner as the bottom and seal with tape
  • When packing use plenty of paper as padding and wrapping
  • China should be placed into standard cartons and should always be well padded with paper on all sides
  • Linen can be placed into standard cartons lined with paper
  • Pack heavy items into smaller book/wine cartons, i.e. books, wine and tinned food
  • Pack cartons to the top or pad with paper to the top, but do not over fill
  • Mark the carton on the side with your name, room and a brief description of goods for easy placement at delivery